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Arrediamo le case del mondo...ordina subito! L'arte in Nino Parrucca Illuminiamo le case... Coloriamo il tuo giardino!


Hands create shape objects and model shapes, fire that bakes what was malleable making it resistent, and hands draw and others colour and fire, heat that makes it eternal. Giving light and color to an ancient world as that of traditional ceramics. Giving life, with the hands, to never realize shapes, making possible dreams and wishes. These are the targets that "Ceramiche Nino Parrucca" pursuising for years, these are the aims that have made it the ceramics symbol of Palermo (Sicily). Every single phases of the manufacturing is produced by highly qualified staff with skill and learning.
These stage can be divided into 3 parts:

Manufacture of raw materials

Enamelling and Retouching

Drawing and Decoration